Sortie et streaming intégral du nouveau METEOR

Le projet de Darksynth / Synthwave / Metal US, Meteor est de retour avec une nouvelle dystopie cyberpunk Ce nouvel album porte le doux nom de System Failure, et il se découvre en streaming et format digital. Aucune date pour une sortie physique pour le moment.

Voici le synopsis de l'album: ""In times people did need someone to follow, that someone found it out to be easy to gain profit out of the controlled society and that someone begun to control with dirty tricks, getting away with it, because being the only authority, the controlling System was invincible. Society now remains under control and somelike enjoys it.

Society denies us, because we are far more dangerous to their utopia, than the governments are. We do not belong to those society masses."

A Cyberpunk Manifesto v2.0 (II. Society)
Christian As. Kirtchev"

L'artwork est signé par Meteor.

Tracklist :

01. Slaves and Loyals - 04:11
02. Suit Jacket Society - 04:42
03. Faceless Fighters - 04:35
04. Red Droid Army - 04:46
05. The Uprising - 03:45
06. Love in Times of War - 04:51
07. Annihilating Patrol - 03:33
08. Stray Dogs - 04:19
09. Horizons - 04:13
10. New Race - 03:50