Sortie et streamin intégral du nouvel album de ESOCTRILIHUM

Le one man band d'Avant-garde Black/Death Metal français Esoctrilihum dévoile en intégralité son nouvel album Eternity Of Shaog. L'album est sorti le 22 mai via I,Voidhanger Records et il est disponible au format LP et A5 Digipack.

L'artwork est une oeuvre d' Alan E. Brown intitulée "The Dracula of Mars". Découvrez le ci-dessous en streaming.

Voici les mots du label : "The concept behind “Eternity Of Shaog” is one of psychic transmutation and demonic possession, and further explores the ill worlds of the immemorial gods to form a diptych with the previous album. Through a series of songs/gateways, the listeners are conducted in front of Shaog Og Magthoth, the most unfathomable among the Sovereigns of Nothingness, introduced by ESOCTRILIHUM on the "Pandemorthium" album and reminiscent of Lovecraft's Ancient Ones. In the context of this fantastic, elusive lore imagined by Asthâghul, Shaog is an omnipotent god living an endless and solitary existence outside of time and space; a hungry wild beast from a nightmarish dimension watching us with gnashing teeth, like the space vampire on Alan Brown's mind-blowing cover painting. Shaog resides at the centre of an empty, dead universe, imprisoned in a cage of monotonous desperation from which he tries to escape by possessing the unsuspecting voyager who ventures into his world of ruins through dreams...

On closer inspection, Shaog is nothing but our evil self from the other side of the mirror, a metaphor for both the insanity hiding in man and the solitude of the artist. And of Asthâghul in particular: like an involuntary medium, he “receives” the blackened death metal music of ESOCTRILIHUM from unspeakable forces lurking in the dark corners of his mind, negative energies that leak out from its cracks and drip onto our reality. "

Tracklist :

01. Orthal  
02. Exh-Enî Söph (1st Passage: Exiled from Sanity) 
03. Thritônh (2nd Passage: The Colour of Death)  
04. Aylowenn Aela (3rd Passage: The Undying Citadel)   
05. Shtg (4th Passage: Frozen Soul) 
06. Amenthlys (5th Passage: Through the Yth-Whtu Seal)  
07. Shayr-Thàs (6th Passage: Walk the Oracular Way) 
08. Namhera (7th Passage: Blasphemy of Ephereàs)  
09. Eternity of Shaog (∞th Passage: Grave of Agony)    
10. Monotony of a Putrid Life in the Eternal Nothingness