Sortie et streaming intégral du nouvel EP de VÖLUR

Le projet d'Ambient Folk/Doom Metal canadien Völur vient de sortir un EP inspiré de la Chute de Gondolin extrait du Silmarillion de J.R.R. Tolkien. Il s'intitule Veiled City et il se découvre ci-dessous.

"This is the second entry in our collaboration series "Die Sprachen der Vögel," or "The Languages of Birds." The first was our tape single "Psychopomp" featuring Toronto Singer Ivy Mairi. Each subsequent edition will feature an artist from our community.

This entry features the immensely talented Michael Eckert on pedal steel guitar. While mostly used for country music, Michael's driving musical curiosity has taken him and his beautiful instrument to the far reaches of jazz, psychedelia and world music. And now to weirdo sludge metal about Middle Earth. Please check out his project "The Neon Eagle."

We are releasing this for free in the time of the pandemic, it was supposed to have a physical release but that has been delayed until the apocalypse ends. Feel free to pay if you so desire, otherwise, if the quarantine has effected you, please enjoy it for free. So please enjoy some new music from us. We have an album in the can and one more of these"

Tracklist :

01. Veiled City - 07:14
02. Obfuscation - 07:56
03. Ruination - 09:11