Détails et extrait du split EXHUMED et GRUESOME

Les maîtres US du Grind Death Metal, Exhumed et du Death Old-School, Gruesome viennent d'annoncer leur alliance horrifique et gore, Twisted Horror. Il sortira le 5 Juin prochain via Relapse Records au format CD et LP.

Communiqué : ""As everyone knows, it's a weird, surreal time for us all. So many plans have been disrupted at this point, it's academic to even get into, but one thing that we didn't want to postpone was this new Exhumed / Gruesome split record. With so many of us stuck at home, we're all depending on Death Metal to keep us sane more than ever, so we figured why wait? We've also been working on a US tour featuring both Exhumed and Gruesome (and some awesome special guests), and as soon as it's realistic to announce something, we will. In the meantime, here's new music to warp your impressionable minds, so tune in, turn on, and rot your brain!"

Featuring 5 brand new tracks from the blood-soaked masters of gore, Twisted Horror goes for the jugular and never lets go. From EXHUMED's repulsive, high-speed brutality, to GRUESOME's Schuldiner-Spawned, bloody-gore-screaming old-school death metal, every second of Twisted Horror is chock full of relentless riffs, pulse-pounding drums, and screams from the deepest recesses of hell! With the Twisted Horror split, EXHUMED and GRUESOME prove that only death is real!"

Un premier extrait s'écoute avec le titre "A Mind Decayed", il est signé Gruesome.

Tracklist :

01. Exhumed - Rot Your Brain
02. Exhumed - Buried to Die
03. Exhumed - Dead, Deader, Deadest
04. Gruesome - A Mind Decayed
05. Gruesome - Led into the Dark