NYTT LAND dévoile son nouveau morceau et clip

Le groupe de Blackened Nordic Folk, Nytt Land vient de dévoiler son nouveau morceau, "Song of the Goddess Keeper", découvrez le ci-dessous accompagné de son clip. Le morceau est extrait de leur prochain album CVLT qui sortira courant 2020.

Voici la description du morceau: "The legacy of peoples is kept in their songs. The Gods live among us as long as there are those who remember them, who worship them..
Primordial Siberian land is full of legends that live among endless taiga expanses and snowy steppes, a dark quagmire of swamps and harsh mountain peaks. For many centuries, the indigenous people of Siberia have preserved the language, faith and traditions of ancestors.
The song of the Kazym Goddess is an ancient ritual song of the indigenous Siberian tribe of the Khanty, which is still performed during rituals and holidays dedicated to the guardian spirits of the tribe and the land on which the tribe lives."

On retrouvera en guest Maria "Scream" Arkhipova d'Arkona sur "Song of the Goddess Keeper ".

Tracklist :

01. Valhalla Rising
02. Song of the Kazym Goddess
03. Rígsþula
04. Ar Hotan Imi (feat. Tuomas Rounakari)
05. Seven Spirits in White Coats
06. Pusel ov Aki’s song
07. Niðavellir
08. Sólarljóð
09. Sigrdriva spell
10. Sortunut ääni (feat. Jonne Järvelä)
11. Hanum
12. Song of the Goddess Keeper (feat. Maria “Scream” Arkhipova)