Sortie et streaming intégral du nouveau ELAY ARSON

Le duo américain de Darksynth / Industriel / Metal Elay Arson vient de sortir son nouvel album Dusk Incarnate. Il est disponible au format CD, LP, K7 et Digital, découvrez le en streaming intégral ci-dessous.

On retrouve en guests sur cet album : Occams Laser, Facexhugger, Megan McDuffee Music, The Encounter, Wickline, Dredd Romero et Nova and the Ghost. L'artwork est signé Mizucat (Odyssee 2077, Nightrun).

Voici l'histoire de cette épopée cyberpunk : "The late 22nd century was a bleak time for humanity.
Megacities spotted the desert wastelands hundreds of miles apart.
Outlander gangs ruled the highways.

What remained of “civil” society was severe class inequality, debauchery, and corporate wars.

The Earth’s largest Bio-Tech Firm, The Irons-Nelson Corporation, had just created a human implant that could generate an EMP blast knocking out an entire Megacity in one shot.

With the power to control all communication, cybernetics, as well as the night, it would be a doomsday weapon like no other.

But their prototype had escaped.

Desperately wanting to keep it a secret, Dr. Irons himself turned to one of the last non-cybernetically enhanced bounty hunters left to find it; Ian Dallers.

Dallers was given a picture and a task.
Find Her. Find the Prototype weapon.
Find Code Name: Dusk Incarnate"

Tracklist :

01. Code Name Dusk Incarnate - 02:20
02. Barely Holding On (feat. Occam's Laser) - 03:51
03. EMP Blast (feat. FacexHugger) - 04:22
04. Cocaine Nightmare - 03:45
05. Killer Intent (feat. Megan McDuffee) - 04:10
06. Iridescent Monster - 03:38
07. So Called Cultured People - 03:06
08. Switchblades (feat. The Encounter) - 03:33
09. Highway Machine Gun Fight (feat. Wickline) - 03:21
10. Overloaded (feat. Dreddd) - 05:52
11. Laser Castle (feat. Nova and the Ghost) - 04:04
12. Classified Debriefing - 05:06