APATHIA RECORDS arrête ses activités

Après très exactement dix ans d'activité, Apathia Records sont contraints d'arrêter leurs activités.
Cette décision est la conséquence de plusieurs changements dans le quotidien du label : entre autres, un travail de plus en plus chronophage pour des gérants volontaires ayant de moins en moins de temps, et un équilibre financier mis à mal par l'augmentation des frais postaux ou encore la croissance du streaming. Jehan et Jeremy constatent qu'il est compliqué pour un label de leur taille de rester utile et bénéfique pour les groupes qu'ils tentent de soutenir.

Voici ci-dessous le communiqué officiel de l'équipe : 

"Apathia Records is no more. 
Long live Apathia Records. 

We were supposed to celebrate our 10th anniversary today, but a few months back, we've decided to stop Apathia Records for good. 

Many reasons for this. 
The main one is that, Jeremy and I were 100% volunteers on this, and we don't really have the time anymore to handle the huge amount of work on it. Also, the rise of that thing called "streaming", combined with the ridiculous rise of shipping costs in France made our direct physical sales decrease a little more each year, and therefore, our money income had also decreased. The postal fees increases impacted us very much since almsot 80% of our sales were made outside France. The diminution of our available time probably impacted the sales too, it a mix of all these things. 

But in the end, it's is simple as that : less time + less money = less motivation and more importantly, less power to help bands. 

Besides, it appears to us that a record label of our size is not really useful anymore for artists. It would now become interesting in almost every point for new and upcoming artists to hire a GOOD manager + a GOOD PR guy/girl than signing on a small label like us, unless the label is able to invest a least a five-digit amount on a release for cd / lps and huge promotion, and many are not willing to take that risk these days. Retail distribution is a huge point, but it only become really interesting when you fanbase is big enough. 

That being said, we want to thank almost all the bands that trusted us through the years, the thing we're the most proud of is that we achieved to create a small "family", where bands trusted us for multiple releases, not for a single one, and who were willing to come drinks a few beers during our "Apathia Nights" (which were always a blast, even if I personally don't remember the first one entirely...). It was a huge honor to see some of our bands playing at huge festivals like Hellfest Open Air Festival, Motocultor Open Air or Euroblast Festival, or being the direct support for legends like Megadeth and Judas Priest. Thank you for trusting our bands 🙏 

We also manage, in the last months of our activity, to make quality live footages for The Dali Thundering Concept and Disconnected, and this is something we're really proud of (and we still have some to finish, we will warn you about these). 
And yes, "almost all", there are a few exceptions. We even seriously discussed of burning the whole stock of CDs and tshirts in one case, but I guess we're not trve enough to play with fire. 

We hope we helped you to discover some good and underrated bands, and we want to thank you for your support, which has allowed us to be there for ten years. 
Please continue to support the bands by buying CDs, LPs or Tshirts, that's how they make money, not by having 100k streams on Spotify. 

On the bright side, the show is still going on, and tomorrow Heart Attack is releasing a new killer track, we think you'll like it : Heart Attack - Exclusive - Worldwide Video Premiere

Thanks again,

Jehan & Jeremy"