Sortie et streaming intégral du prochain album de RORCAL

Le groupe de Black / Drone / Doom Suisse Rorcal dévoile en intégralité son nouvel album Muladona.
L'album est sorti le 8 Novembre via Hummus Records. Il s'inspire de la nouvelle du même nom composé en collaboration avec son auteur Eric Stener Carlson.

Tracklist :
1.This is how I came to associate drowning with tenderness
2.She drained you of your innocence and you poisoned her with it
3.I'd done my duty to my mother and father. And more than that I'd found love
4.A sea of false smiles hiding murder jealousy and revenge
5.Carnations were not the smell of death. They were the smell of desire
6.The only constant in this world is blackness of the human heart
7.I was the Muladona's seventh tale