Détails et extrait du prochain TOXIC HOLOCAUST

Le projet de Speed / Thrash Metal / Punk, Toxic Holocaust sortira son nouvel album Primal Future: 2019 le 4 Octobre prochain. Il sera disponible au format CD, LP et digital. Découvrez un premier extrait ci-dessous avec le titre d'ouverture, "Chemical Warlords".

L'artwork est signé Steve Crisp (Benediction, Incubus, Incubus etc...). Voici le communiqué qui accompagnait l'annonce :

"Toxic 2.0 detonates like doomsday all over Primal Future: 2019, an ambitious new mission statement from the man whose guiding forces remain Discharge, Megadeth, Venom, English Dogs, Nuclear Assault, D.R.I., and G.B.H., all juiced by the unrelenting, feverish, urgent power of a modern metal trailblazer.

A dystopian technological takeover drives the album thematically, but the passionately delivered music is vintage Toxic Holocaust, taking things all the way back to the band’s early origins. “When I started the band in 1999 I never imagined I’d still be doing it in 2019,” Grind explains. “I took everything I learned over the last twenty years and used it even as I rewound back to where it started. I recorded Primal Future by myself, even playing drums again, like the early days. I won’t alienate my fans and I also won’t just pander to them. This album bridges the gaps between every era of Toxic Holocaust.”"

Tracklist :

01. Chemical Warlords - 04:53
02. Black Out the Code - 04:56
03. New World Beyond - 04:14
04. Deafened by the Roar - 01:30
05. Time's Edge - 04:16
06. Primal Future - 04:32
07. Iron Cage - 04:02
08. Controlled by Fear - 02:28
09. Aftermath - 03:05
10. Cybernetic War - 05:27