VANIR dévoile un morceau pour les 800 ans du Danemark

Le groupe de Folk Metal danois Vanir vient de dévoiler un nouveau single intitulé "MCCXIX", il est disponible en deux versions une dans leur langue natale, le danois et une en anglais. Ce morceau est sorti pour marquer les 800 ans d’existence du Danemark, découvrez le ci-dessous.

Le groupe explique : "What defines a country’s legacy? What defines a nations understanding of itself?
This year on the 15 of June, it its - according to the legend -, 800 years since the Danish flag fell from the sky under the battle of Lyndanisse. Legend has it that de army under Valdemar the victorious was close to defeat, when a red flag with a white cross suddenly appeared on the sky as sent from heaven. As the army and the bishop praised the flag, the battle turned and the Danish army won the battle. That flag that is now the oldest national flag to this day.

We Danes love our flag; it has been a symbol of our unity. But the story of how we got it is a legend, a fairytale of course. And how we chose to use it is up to us! What lies behind the story is a ambitious king, who used the sword of Christianity to start a crusade to the east. A bloody crusade to undermine and suppress a foreign nation. With this song we want to tell the story from both angles to show the duality that lies within our own self-understanding as a nation. And to show that we have a responsibility to define how we interpret history and how we use it to justify the present."