ALERTA ANTIFASCISTA ralentit son activité

Le gérant d'Alerta Antifascista Records, label allemand spécialisé dans le black, crust et sludge, vient de publier un long communiqué sur Facebook.
Il y explique en détails l'incompatibilité entre le rythme actuel de travail imposé par Alerta Antifascista et son propre bien-être. Ce label est une petite entreprise extrêmement chronophage et anxiogène à gérer, tout en étant comme l'on peut sans douter peu lucrative. Parmi d'autres considérations, ses récents problèmes de santé, burn-outs, et la dégradation générale (voire disparition) de sa vie sociale le poussent donc à ralentir fortement l'activité du label, afin qu'il ne s'agisse plus sa source principale de revenus.

Concrètement, le label continuera à tenir ses engagements prévus, mais ne devrait pas proposer plus de deux nouvelles sorties pour l'année 2020. Nous vous invitons bien sûr à la compréhension vis-à-vis de cette dure décision, et à continuer à soutenir les labels et initiatives de ce type, si difficiles à assumer au quotidien et sur le long terme.

Pour prendre connaissance de l'intégralité du communiqué, ça se passe ci-dessous :

"Hello beloved people out there.

Its 2 years since i posted my last statement about the situation with regards ti running Alerta, health issues... and now its time for a new one with some major updates.

I have decided to reduce Alerta to a much smaller label. After fluff fest I will not run the label as a main business and the last couple of records that are planned for now will come out as planned, but there will be only 1-2 new records in 2020.

The reasons: Alerta is and was one of the most important things in my life beside my long term relationship with the best person you can imagine and my amazing kid. There were more important things when I started, but over the years, Alerta grew so much and I worked to keep up with that. To be honest, sometimes 7 days a week and 10-12 hours a day. And I started to lose the things around me that needed just as much attention, because of this massive amount of work. And I have come to realise I just can’t handle this anymore. Its always too much work and still, not enough money to pay my worker, Bulli and my loan. I am always the last one who gets paid and sometimes I am way behind with my own payments. But I am also such a bad business man and I find charging the current prices of a lot of the large labels uncomfortable. You can be competitive of course, but a record should never be prohibitively expensive. But with the amount of competition and the huge changes that social media and internet commerce has had on running Alerta since I began this label, its always a case of running up hill. Pressing becomes more expensive and putting out unknown bands because I love them becomes far less possible, as every release has to sell, everything has to be “hot.’ Less sales, means less releases and less releases means you fall behind and are easily overtaken.
Also a massive problem is, that I create so much waste and running an online shop and this is so fucking bad for the environment. All these shipping containers, bubble wrap, tape, pollution for the delivery of the orders…I start to feel guilty considering how important these issues are to me.

Six years ago a new life changing project came into my life, the big housing collective where I live. That is also so much work (emotional and physical)
I totally lost the control of my personal live, because Alerta was what I wanted to do and what I thought I wanted to do for the rest of my life.
I had 2-3 burn outs in the last few years and since there is always so much work, now my body strikes back. I am often very sick - with stress related illnesses like shingles, massive sleeping disorders, panic attacks, but i don’t have time to take care of that. When i don’t work for a few days, there is such a massive amount of work to catch up on, that the following days will be even more stressful. During these bouts of stress, my personality changed so much. I was always a person who loved to be around other people and talk, but since my last burn out, i have become more and more agoraphobic, and have developed a lot of social anxiety. Since i mostly only work, i don’t have energy to go out and meet people, i’ve forgotten how to hold conversations, but that is mostly because i am always way to tired and also shy. I always feel that i have nothing to talk about beside my work and that feels so strange. I lost so many great things, my stress contributed to the end of my long term relationship and has directly effected many friendships and my ability to maintain contact with the people I care about.

So, I want to focus on my life and health! I need to find a way that suits me -to build up better friendships, but with Alerta/Doomrock as a main business there is no room for that. And the most important thing, i want to be the best dad for my amazing kid and not run the risk of dying from a heart attack because of too much stress.
I want to do more sport and get a healthier life.
But I also somehow need to learn again, to go out and talk to people, without being overwhelmed by conversations. I need to learn again to be active and meet people, start conversations instead of being fucking stressed

so, now I begin again. I don’t see another way to do these changes without making Alerta and Doomrock smaller.

Thanks for all the support over all these years, this is not the end, just a new way of doing things. And who knows, maybe I will be back with a new concept. Who knows.

People. Please share this and keep supporting alerta"