Sortie et streaming intégral du nouveau OLD NIGHT

Le projet de Doom Metal croate, Old Night vient de sortir son nouvel album A Fracture in the Human Soul via Rain Without End Records, sub-label de Naturmacht Productions. Découvrez le en streaming intégral ci-dessous.

Voici les mots du label : "Old Night's sophomore release, "A Fracture in the Human Soul", sees the return of the Croatian doom metal visionaires with a more focused and mature release. The band continues its journey in the exploration of the darkest corners of the human mind, creating new soundscapes built on their signature sound. The record features five epic tracks interwoven with intricate guitar melodies and haunting vocals. Stare into the abyss with Old Night and let the abyss stare back."

Tracklist :

01. Entwined
02. Hearken and Remember
03. Elder
04. Glacial
05. The Reaping of Hearts