Détails et extraits du premier VETRAR DRAUGURINN

Après un premier EP paru en 2017, il était temps pour la formation de Gothic Metal Vetrar Draugurinn de plonger dans le grand bain. Ainsi, le 28 mars prochain, le premier long-format du combo verra le jour.
Intitulé Highlanders, il sera disponible aux formats CD et digital directement commandable via le Bandcamp du groupe. Pour nous faire patienter d'ici là, le groupe nous a dévoilé le titre d'ouverture et de clôture de l'album qui s'écoutent à la fin de cet article. 

Au sujet de cette sortie, Eric Hazebroek, tête pensante du projet, commente:

Throughout my 26 years as an aspiring and semi-professional musician, I grew into the role of songwriter more and more. During my time in Daeonia (Candlelight Records 1997-2001) 
I became the sole contributor for the first time and learned a lot about subtle details in melody and atmosphere. The Saturnine (2003 – 2013) was the band in which this came to existence the most. 
With a strong work ethic we were playing in the name of the song, disguished our technical abilities underneath a blanket of beautiful melodies. I’m not here to show off my guitar-playing (others are way better than I am). I’m here to make beautiful music.” 
For 10 years Eric was part of the Dutch/Mexican progressive symphonic metal band Stream of Passion, with whom he toured several times all over Europe and even played shows in far away places like Russia, Canada, Israel, Mexico, and the United States. During those years he released 3 
full-length albums with the band and a live DVD. Stream of Passion also launched an incredibly succesful crowdfunding campaign for the recording of their final studio album in 2013, which grossed near to 200% of their goal. 

2017 Saw the start of this brand new band and a brand new adventure, venturing into the next chapter of a musical journey. First a limited edition EP was as an introduction, with a tremndous response to follow. After which a full-length album was recorded during 2018, which will see the light of day in 2019. “Hinterlands” contains 11 songs that will drag you into their travels and darkness. Vetrar Draugurinn is here to give you a glimpse of light in the dark forest, a little bit of warmth in the long wintery night. 

Tracklist :

01. Hinterlands
02. I Am
03. Second
04. The Wolves At Our Door
05. Mother Of Northern Skies
06. Death Will Come For Us
07. Forever Locked Within
08. The Narrow Path
09. Wanderer
10. Bleak Earth
11. Twelfth Night
12. The Noose