Sortie et streaming d'un premier album pour WRATH OF ECHOES

Il y a quelques jours, Wrath of Echoes a fait paraître un premier album, qui fait suite à un EP paru en 2017.
Sorti le 14 décembre dernier, Progeny of the Fallen One est ainsi le premier long-format de la formation de Melodic Doom/Death Metal québécoise. 

Le groupe se présente comme suit :

Coming from Finland, this band would already be a worldwide phenomenon... Coming from Québec, where this type of metal isn't really popular amongst bands, WRATH OF ECHOES needs to be a spectacular band to compete with the BARREN HEARTH and SWALLOW THE SUN of this planet... and compete they will, on every level. The new album is a spectacular progressive Doom / Death metal masterpiece and one that would fit perfectly well within the aforementioned band's discographies. Heavy, dark, moody... all the elements are there to make this great local band (featuring members of DOOM'S DAY and DAEDALEAN COMPLEX) one of the best new band in this particular progressive metal style, not only locally, but on an international level. Once upon a time, AMORPHIS were a new band too...

Découvrez leur musique au travers du streaming intégral de l'album en écoute ci-dessous.

Tracklist :

01. Lost Souls 03:15
02. The Last Heir 06:11
03. Progeny of the Fallen One 06:57
04. Isolated 05:20
05. Out of Time and Space 06:01
06. The Weighting of the Heart 05:36
07. Where All Dreams Die 05:19