ARSIS de retour après 5 ans de silence

La formation de Technical Melodic Death Metal Arsis (USA) vient de mettre fin au doutes concernant un possible nouvel opus. Après de nombreux soupçons liés à leur activité Facebook récente, le groupe vient de mettre en ligne un clip vidéo introduisant un nouveau titre. Ce titre met fin à 5 ans de silence studio et est tiré de l'album Visitant dont la sortie est prévue le 2 novembre prochain chez Agonia Records et Nuclear Blast (pour la partie USA).

Voici le communiqué du groupe au sujet de l'album et de ses influences :

"I think Visitant is ARSIS’ most mature album but at the same time, it is also an album that harkens back to our youth. We all grew up on horror movies. For me personally my father would bring me, from a very early age, to the theater to see horror films. He passed his love of science fiction and horror down to me. I wanted to do something different for this album and it was just a natural move to incorporate this passion into Visitant. As I was doing my part of the writing I tried to capture the tone and atmosphere of some of my favorite films (Silver Bullet, From Beyond, Prince Of Darkness). It was a very satisfying and fun album to write and I think it might be what fans consider a 'worthy follow-up' to A Diamond For Disease.

'Tricking the Gods' is inspired by my love of werewolf movies, specifically Stephen King’s Silver Bullet. I really liked the idea that everyone in the town was looking for this beast and it turned out to be the person they least expected: the minister. That blurred line between good and evil, heaven and hell made perfect song writing fuel."

En attendant la suite, on vous propose de visionner le clip de "Tricking the Gods" sans attendre :