Second extrait du premier album de BESRA

Le groupe d'Atmospheric Sludge / Post-Metal Finlandais Besra dévoile le premier extrait de son premier album Anhedonia prévu pour le 7 Septembre via Temple of Torturous.

"Anhedonia is a collection of stories told by Besra. The album as a whole deals with challenges and characteristics of today’s society and how they reflect on the lives of ordinary people, their mindsets and relationships with others. The stories also reflect a very personal side of the composers. Experiences with loneliness, emotional abandonment and substance abuse are present. Themes to the songs were gathered from personal and professional experiences throughout the lives of the members of the band. Carefully balanced mix of rage and gloomy mellow atmospheres lead the listener through the stories told with words, singing, screaming and instrumental drama."

Tracklist :

01. First Dawn
02. Dwell In Gloom
03. Next Chapter
04. Pariah