Un nouveau titre en écoute pour RUNAHILD

Le groupe de Nordic Folk / Ambient norvégien, Runahild, vient de dévoiler son nouveau titre. Intitulé 'Fullmånesang' ce titre est comme une baignade nocturne dans un fjord pour se ressourcer, découvrez le ci-dessous.

"Blessings don't always come wrapped in light and joy, some blessings come surrounded by chaos and darkness... always keep your eyes, heart and soul open to the magic ever surrounding you not only when the sun shines but also when the storm is raging. It is within darkness that light reveals its most mysterious energy.
I look back on my life and see that some of the most beautiful things happened to me were initiated within darkness and chaotic times, because sometimes only a storm can break down some walls and open new ways for the light to shine through."