Sortie et streaming du premier EP de GOAT DISCIPLE

La toute nouvelle formation américaine Goat Disciple (Black/Death Metal) a sorti son premier EP Wolfcult Domination le 15 juin dernier via Blood Harvest Records et Helter Skelter Productions au format CD, cassette et vinyl (encore en précommande pour ce format).

De plus, ce nouvel EP a été mis en ligne dans son intégralité sur le bandcamp du groupe et se découvre donc en écoute ci-dessous.

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, GOAT DISCIPLE are a quintet who unapologetically craft WAR METAL. In the strictest sense, their particular style of spurn 'n' churn melds the most barbaric recesses of black metal to the molten muscle of death metal. As such, their four-song Wolfcult Domination is both meat-grinder and rusty tank, surging ever forward with buzzsaw riffing - with the emphasis truly on RIFFS, unlike so much so-called "war metal" - and often dipping into downtempo vortexes that are nothing short of world-eating. Throughout the EP's 24-minute entirety, GOAT DISCIPLE remain locked in, deadly and deliriously, playing with a passion like their lives truly depended on it, imparting an all-too-rare sense of physicality amongst a morass of usually lifeless "aggression" pedaled so much and so callously by the underground. References to be made include godfathers Diocletian but also Angelcorpse at their berserker best and classic Katharsis; nevertheless, on the strength of this opening salvo, GOAT DISCIPLE are surely on their way to marking the battlefield in their own manner. Prepare for Wolfcult Domination!

Tracklist :

01. Oreb Zaraq
02. Black Skull Hypnogogue
03. Torture Siddhi
04. Mammon