Détails et trailer du prochain NECROS CHRISTOS

Le groupe de Doom Occult allemand, Necros Christos, sortira son album Domedon Doxomedon le 18 mai prochain via Sepulchral Voice Records. Cette offrande mystique fera presque deux heures et sera divisé en trois parties, découvrez un trailer ci-dessous ainsi que son contenu.



01. Temple I - Zohar of the Sky
02. I Am Christ
03. Gate of Sooun
04. Temple II - Cistern of Bethlehem
05. Tombstone Chapel
06. Gate of Damihyron
07. Temple III - Helper of YHVH
08. He Doth Mourn In Hell
09. Gate of Aion Tsevaoth


01. Temple IV - Oracle of Men
02. Seven Altars Burn In Sin
03. Gate of Arba-Hemon
04. Temple V - Bereshit
05. Exiled In Transformation
06. Gate of Behet-Myron
07. Temple VI - Weight of Gold
08. The Heart Of King Solomon In Sorcery
09. Gate of Sulam


01. Temple VII - Alive in Sheol
02. The Guilt They Bore
03. Gate of Jehudmijron
04. Temple VIII - Smoke in Fire
05. Exodos
06. Gate of Dimitrijon
07. Temple IX - Redeemer to Zion
08. In Meditation On The Death Of Christ
09. Gate of Ea On