Sortie digitale et streaming intégral du premier ENTROPY CREATED CONSCIOUSNESS

Le groupe de Dark / Black Doom Metal, Entropy Created Consciousness vient de sortir en format digital son premier album. Il s'intitule Impressions of the Morning Star, et il sera prochainement disponible en LP via Throne Records.

Découvrez le en intégralité ci-dessous. Voici ce que Chris Bennett du groupe de Sludge Atmosphérique / Post-Metal / Tribal, Minsk en dit :

"I always seem to find myself drawn into the worlds of the wide-ranging spectrum of musical artists who seem to thrive in solitude and mystery. Entropy Created Consciousness; as just a name for a musical project, already evokes a massive concept, an infinite dive into the sheer limitlessness of what our human understanding has told us about this universe. "Impressions Of The Morning Star" is a roadmap which guides toward the infinite. This is music which can simultaneously seem alien and familiar. It is truly otherworldly. Residents of Earth have no way of knowing how many stars reside in our galaxy. The number which seems to circulate is "billions". If we are willing to take that mental journey, and consider the possibilities that such a number can present, then our universe just begins to present it's gargantuan nature to us. This album encapsulates the other, the familiar, the infinite nature of all, and the power of the one. I understand that Entropy Created Consciousness is the work of one human, or entity, as this seems like it has been created by a composer from somewhere else, some far away planet aeons from Earth. On the level, this is ambitious, spacious, comforting and disturbing. It is the sound of the Vitruvian Man taking shape. This is music birthed in the light of a forgotten star, from a distance indeterminable, yet somehow able to convey an undeniable kinship with the world we know. This is a manifestation of the primeval and the modern forged into one foreboding slab. I feel a wisdom being passed to the listener from some dramatic center. What is this music? The question beckons the listener. These are voices forged from an ancient fog. These are compositions from some unknown future. Could this have been what William Blake would have heard as he envisioned the four Zoas? This album is a glimpse into the ALL. It is a meeting of the everything and the no-thing. The monad face to face with the collective mass of the universe. Wonderful in every way."

Tracklist :

01. Forgotten Kings of Jerusalem - 05:03
02. Nights II-IX - 04:59
03. Proverbs of Hell - 06:38
04. Albion Omega - 03:51
05. Albion Alpha - 08:40
06. Ahania - 04:18
07. Urizen, South Zoa - 06:53