Détails et extraits du prochain ULVESANG

Le duo de Neo Folk / Dark Folk canadien, Ulvesang, sortira son nouvel album The Hunt le 16 mars prochain via Nordvis. Il sera disponible en format LP : Black vinyl (Ltd. 300 copies) et Purple vinyl (Ltd. 200 copies), CD et Digital.

L'album est inspiré du Paganisme, de la spiritualité, de la nature et de la mélancolie. Découvrez ci-dessous les titres 'The Trial' et 'The Run'. L'artwork est signé Andrew Lachance C et le mastering Justin Bourdeau.

"The air hangs heavy in the air, exhaled by a huddle of men – alert and eager to set off. The long grass is stiff with frost and a murder of crows wait in a nearby tree. They understand. They too are ready for the hunt. The anticipation is unbearable as the invocation begins. Reverence and ceremony are key. There is no cutting corners and the rite only serves to heighten the senses and sharpen the mind. There is an ancient awe in the air and a feeling of connection to the past; to those who walked this same crisp ground before. Alex Boyd & Ana Dujakovic reflect on the poignancy of such a connection. The melancholy that sits in between the moments of excitement. The tinge of sorrow that follows a successful hunt. The sense of purpose has been and gone. The afterglow has given way to regret and unease. A beautiful creature has died that we may persevere. Is that the chants of our ancestors carried on the wind? Are they proud? Perhaps that is enough. Perhaps that is everything. To use the term neofolk here would be ironic as Ulvesang have reached back beyond the past and found not only a connection to those who came before, but also an unearthly primordial magic. Surely that is the very definition of true folk music."

Tracklist :

01. Invocation
02. The Trial
03. The Dance
04. The End
05. The Hunt
06. The Break
07. The Run
08. The Gloom
09. The Truth
10. Močvara/мочвара