Sortie et streaming intégral du nouveau ARAPHEL

Le projet Dark Ambient / Horror Noise US, Araphel, vient de dévoiler sa nouvelle offrande cosmique et horrifique. Elle s'intitule Shrine of Silence et elle est disponible en format digital via le label Cephalopagus Records.

Découvrez ci-dessous ce nouveau récit en streaming et accompagné de son texte d'ambiance: "We are now gathered in this distant setting, at this abstract time. The few chosen by the Majesty of Antiquity, To seek what is beyond the reach of light, And yet, we yearn for this mysterious place.

As the Eclipse rises over the mortal land through moonlit clouds, a singular time in space is torn and undetected by men still yoked. An interstice is started and the ecliptic moon peers down upon those who are bound by the cloth. An age of darkness is now among us. Only at the shrine that is beyond the reach of light is where we can start our transcendence. To descend through the levels of the celestial realm into the very abyss. There stands the Shrine of Silence.

Now we begin the ceremony to summon the shrine, the king of darkness from the further regions of the void claims homage to the physical realm fighting to break through. We must transcend before the beginning of an upcoming Age of darkness engulfs the world."

Tracklist :

01. Enthralled Beyond The Essence of Cosmic Divinity - 06:27
02. When Echoes Ascend Below An Ecliptic Moon - 05:42
03. In Silence Enshrined - 05:20
04. Cosmic Bounds In The Celestial Zenith - 05:20
05. A Shrine For The Sleepless - 07:20
06. Infinite Abyss of Nothingness - 05:53
07. Transcend The Mortal Flesh - 07:33
08. Memories Cloaked In Firmament - 04:06
09. From A Majestic Throne - 07:54
10. Age of Darkness (O Blessed King) - 06:23