Détails et streaming intégral du premier TAMERLAN EMPIRE

Le groupe australien de Black Metal Symphonique et oriental, Tamerlan Empire vient de sortir son premier album Age Of Ascendancy en format digital. Un format CD est prévu pour le 1er mars prochain via Metal Hell Records.

L'album s'inspirera de la vie de Tamerlan, de ses débuts modeste et de son ascension impériale. De nombreuses batailles sont comptées dans cet opus ainsi que les idées de vie et de mort :

"The great conqueror known as Tamerlan rose from very humble beginnings to eventually lead one of the most powerful empires of the 14th century AD. Age of Ascendancy perfectly describes both his meteoric rise, as well as the era in general where empires strove for dominance through war, bloodshed and destruction. Many of Tamerlan's tales of battle are the driving force of the songs on this album, as well as more ethereal concepts of life and death, greed and deception.

These attributes which have driven humankind to ultimate power and ascendancy are in many ways also responsible for its greatest failure. The lessons of the past seem to never be fully learned and continue to repeat themselves even today. "

L'album se découvre en streaming intégral ci-dessous.

Tracklist :

01. Age Of Ascendancy - 01:57
02. Battle Of Tyrants - 04:49
03. Vengeance In Blood - 05:02
04. Ottoman's Demise - 05:44
05. Ascension of Iron - 04:54
06. Behest Of The Chosen - 07:39
07. Winter March - 07:00
08. Dominion Of Ashes - 04:54
09. Marauder's Mark - 05:32
10. Of Dust Returned - 05:13
11. Scattered Sands - 07:10