Détails et extrait du second album de KEOSZ

Après un premier album en 2016 ("No Future vol.1", auto production), le one man band de dark ambient slovaque Keosz sortira son second album  "AVA" le 18 Avril prochain via le label nord américain Cryo Chamber. Tout est composé et produit, ainsi que le visuel, par Erik Osvald. La masterisation est faite par Simon Health (Atrium Carceri / Sabled Sun, fondateur de Cryo Chamber). 

"Massive sweeps of sub bass underlines this brillant album. Serene winds of emotional texture mix with bowed strings. Guitars crackle with slight distortion as they hover over fields of tape noise. This album probes the depth of the future, where memory transfers into binary form. Digital consciousness in a perpetual loop reliving the past in fractal labyrinths."

01. Aquitted from Illness
02. All I had to do
03. Ava
04. Downfall
05. Nothing Left But Gloom
06. Consigned To Limbo
07. Behind The Horizon Of Preconceptions
08. Ressurection From The Dust
09. Equanimity Of The Senses
10. They Look All I Had
11. Farewell To Hollow Space

Extrait en écoute ci-dessous, 'Aquitted from Illness'