BENTHIK ZONE dévoile "Cyclum Vitam D'Aqua Pollutio"

Benthik Zone est un nouveau projet portugais de Black Metal atmosphérique qui vient de sortir son album "Cyclum Vitam D'Aqua Pollutio", dont voici la description par les deux musiciens:

"The first forms of life appeared in this planet inside water. Water, that will eternally follow an unending cycle, as long as there is a planet to host it. A cycle which is being completely taken off it's balance by the human race and its actions.

In this project we invite the listener to feel the current water cycle, as each song represents each part of the cycle with all its prevailing pollution. And so, the album tends to tread unsettling paths, which serve as a way to mimic the contaminated water of this sick earth. We call for earth's redemption as a way to cleanse herself from all the scum we humans brought with our unconscious actions. And so, after the "acid rain" when all is done, whatever, or whoever remains will definitely learn to respect mother earth and all the laws of the cosmos, specifically the one by Newton: "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." 

We are all stardust, we all came from this universe, and with this we all have to learn to detach from our egos, and a false sense of identity, and learn to live in unity."

Cet album se découvre en streaming complet ci-dessous: