Des nouvelles de CAÏNAN DAWN

Le groupe de Black Metal chambérien Caïnan Dawn a posté un communiqué sur Facebook dans lequel il annonce un troisième opus intitulé "F O H A T" et illustré par Unknown Relic (Aevangelist, Naught...), ainsi que le départ de leur batteur Hljóðr, remplacé par Zolec (Allobrogia, Kloct...) :

"After some silence, the creation of the new album named "F O H A T" is finally finished.

Recording will start early 2017 Anno Domini and the artwork will be directed by "UNKNOWN RELIC" (
Also, for personal reasons Hljóðr is no longer in the band. 
He was the drummer and graphic designer of CAINAN DAWN for eight years, with a really great job on NIBIRU and thAVMIAL.

Zolec (South Of Hell, Kloct, Allobrogia ...) will replace him on this album."