Underground | Nouveau morceau Seeds In Barren Fields

Le groupe de Doom Crust Black Death suédois, Seeds In Barren Fields vient de dévoiler un nouveau morceau intitulé, 'I Mörkrets Timme'.

Description du morceau :

"In the second half of 2015 a wave of immigrants, the like of which had not been seen in decades reached Europe. They were many and they were desperate, welling in over the European borders. And in the minds of many they became just that. Volumes. A flood. A destructive force of nature. People fleeing war and prosecution were met with suspicion and border controls. Not finding any other viable routes refugees risked death to cross oceans in boats not fit for the journey.

When our compassion was put to the test it immediately buckled from fear. The fascists didn't even have to take power. They just had to open the gates to a world of suspicion, speak the words to call the fear forth. Soon the democratic parties were implementing the policies of the fascists.

The new fascism didn't hit us over the head with a batton. At least not those of us with white skin and a passport from a wealthy country. It snuck up on us and piece by piece it coerced our consent, until we found ourselves behind walls. With thousands screaming for help on the other side we allowed ourselves to become accessories. After all, it was our welfare that the walls were meant to protect.

In earnest what happened was only a logical extension of the nation state protecting its own interests. The illusion of a generous immigration policy in the name of compassion was only convenient as long as it created an aesthetically pleasing contrast to the blatantly racist bigots screaming for closed borders. When push came to shove, compassion was only a word and order had to take the front seat.

The nation state loves chaos. Chaos brings people together in the false community that is nationalism. It is in times of chaos that representatives of the authoritarian state can tell us that we really, really need them. Chaos is great as long as it can be controlled and contained outside the order of the state.

And where were we? Screaming our frustrations into our pillows or into the roaring black winds. In lack of alternatives we were dumbstruck in the shadows of the new fascism rising from the depths of European history. It wasn't a fascis."