Underground | Hemelbestormer signe chez Debemur Morti Productions

Le groupe de Black/Sludge Belge, Hemelbestormer vient d'annoncer sa signature chez Debemur Morti Productions. Vous pouvez écouter le morceau qui constitu leur premier EP ci-dessous.

Line up:

Jo Driesmans : Guitares
Kevin Hensels : Basse
Frederik Cosemans : Batterie
Filip Dupont : Guitares

Voici le communiqué :

Debemur Morti... The French label was engraved in my mind as being a pure black metal label. During recent years they have broadened their horizon, and the more recent releases of bands like YEAR OF NO LIGHT, ROSETTA, and BLUT AUS NORD made clear that things were evolving. The label proved it has an eye for quality. The total package of a Debemur Morti release always stands out musically and visually. Their striving for perfection is something HEMELBESTORMER truly admires. Plus, rooted in the Black Metal scene, HEMELBESTORMER feels very comfortable at Debemur Morti, combining post-apocalyptic music and dark aesthetics. The follow-up to "Portal to the Universe" has been fully written. Plans are made and dates are set. Keep your eyes open...
Filip on behalf of HMBSM