Premiers détails et trailer du prochain Pryapisme

Le nouvel EP "Futurologie" du groupe d'Expérimental Metal, Pryapisme sortira le 9 février prochain. Il sera composé d'un morceau de 23 minutes sur le thème des chats, de l'espace, et du loyer à payer. Le communiqué est disponible ci-dessous avec le trailer :

"PRYAPISME's latest effort, 2013's critically acclaimed Hyperblast Super Collider, was a big step forward for the band, supported by their insane and funny video clip "Un druide est giboyeux lorsqu'il se prend pour un neutrino", and the arrival of two new members, allowing them to play live on a more regular basis.

Last april, Pryapisme announced that their new album was on the way and, while it is still overloading CPU's all around the world, it became crystal clear that one track needed a special attention. This track, ladies and gentleman, is Pryapisme's most adventurous and exciting work to date: a 23 minutes track about space, cats and house rent.

With "Petit traité de futurologie sur l'Homo cretinus trampolinis (et son annexe sur les nageoires caudales)", the complete name of the track, Pryapisme have achieved a grandiose mix of electronic, metal and classical music, divided in eleven sections in purpose of clarity.

In addition, a complete classical re-orchestration of this track will be added to the CD, in order to offer a complete 45 minutes experience.

Apathia Records will unleash Futurologie on February 9th 2015. Pre-orders will be launched on November 3rd.

Over the next months, we shall be revealing more informations (and more sound), but be prepared, a new video clip is on its way."