Affiche officielle du Hellfest 2014

Voici l'affiche officielle du Hellfest 2014 :

Vendredi 20 juin :
- Mainstage 1 : Iron Maiden, Rob Zombie, Queensrÿche, Therapy, Satan, Crossfaith, Nightmare, Walking Pappers
- Mainstage 2 : Slayer, Trivium, Sepultura, Death Angel, MOD, Toxic Holocaust, Fueled By Fire, Angelus Apatrida.
- Altar : Death, Kataklysm, Septic Flesh, Pungent Stench, Nocturnus AD, Kronos, Loudblast, Blockheads.
- Temple : Watain, Enslaved, Turisas, Impaled Nazarene, Destroyer 666, Gehenna, Impiety, Necroblood
- Valley : Electric Wizard, Godflesh, Kylesa, Kadavar, Royal Thunder, Downfall Of Gaiia, Caspian, Conan, Mars Red Sky.
- Warzone : Walls Of Jericho, Pro Pain, Downset., Slapshot, Defeater, First Blood, Brutality Will Prevail, Stick Your Guns + 1 groupe.

Samedi 21 juin :
- Mainstage 1 : Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Status Quo, Skid Row, Buckcherry, Lez Zeppelin (un groupe de reprises de Led Zeppelin, fais par des filles), Killers.
- Mainstage 2 : Avenged Sevenfold, Soulfly, Hatebreed, Dagoba, We Came As Romans, While She Sleeps, Of Mice And Men, Darkness Dynamite.
- Altar : Carcass, Nile, Gorguts, Hail Of Bullets, Incantation, SUP, Weekend Nachos, Benighted.
- Temple : Gorgoroth, Eluveitie, Tsjuder, Shining, Mgla, Trollfest, Temple Of Baal, Skyclad
- Valley : Monster Magnet, Clutch, Phil Anselmo And The Illegals, Acid King, Witch Mountain, Subrosa, Saviours, Herder, Hark.
- Warzone: Millencolin, 7 seconds, Bl’ast !, Misconduct, Burning heads, Ays + 2 groupes

Dimanche 22 juin :
- Mainstage 1 : Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Megadeth, Alter Bridge, Seether, Crowbar, Lofofora, Blues Pills.
- Mainstage 2 : Emperor, Iced Earth, Behemoth, Annihilator, Angra, Powerwolf, In Solitude, Scorpion Child, Year Of The Goat.
- Altar : Opeth, Paradise Lost, Soilwork, The Black Dahlia Murder, Unleashed, Repulsion, Ulcerate, Obliteration.
- Temple : 1349, Vreid Sognametal, Solstafir, Equilibrium, Urfaust, Dordeduh, The Ruins Of Beverast, Aluk Todolo,
- Valley : Unida, Spirit Caravan, Dozer, House Of Broken Promises, Lowrider, Zodiac, Satan’s Satyrs, Watertank + 1 groupe
- Warzone : Turbonegro, Flogging Molly, The Misfits, Mad Sin, Comeback Kid, Last Resort, The Bones, Tagada Jones, Crushing Caspars, Cobra.