Détails et extrait du nouvel album de Hecate Enthroned

Le groupe de Blackened Death Metal Anglais, Hecate Enthroned sortira le 25 Novembre prochain son nouvel album, "Virulent Rapture".

Le groupe a annoncé l'arrivée de la chanteuse Elliot Beaver ( AETERNUM ) et du batteur Gareth Hardy dans leurs rangs. Ils ont déclaré : " Ce line-up est un nouveau départ pour le groupe."

Tracklist :

01. Thrones Of Shadow
02. Unchained
03. Abyssal March
04. Plagued By Black Death
05. Euphoria
06. Virulent Rapture (feat. Sarah Jezebel Deva)
07. Life
08. To Wield The Hand Of Perdition
09. Of Witchery And The Blood Moon
10. Immateria
11. Paths Of Silence

Le bassiste, Dylan Hughes a communiqué à propos de l'album : "The new material is very much guitar-driven, lots of heavy and fast riffs (tuned to C#), giving a relentless feeling to the tracks which we have tempered with a big orchestral sound. The choirs and orchestras have always been a big part of the sound with HECATE and that is very true with this material. In some parts, it recaptures some of the moods from the very early releases. Because of the fact we are recording ourselves, we aren't pressured too much by time constraints and can spend more time on getting the right sound and mix as we feel in the past we have had to sacrifice certain things to reach a recording deadline."