Ensiferum signe chez Metal Blade Records et annonce un nouvel album

Ensiferum vient de quitter leur label, Spinefarm Records chez qui ils étaient depuis 13 ans, pour rejoindre Metal Blade Records. 

Le bassiste du groupe, Sami Hinkka a annoncé qu'ils travaillaient aussi sur un nouvel album mais qui verra le jour qu'en 2015. Il sera différant et fera vibrer les fondations mêmes du Metal folklorique.

Voici le communiqué du groupe sur le sujet:

ENSIFERUM sign worldwide deal with Metal Blade Records

Agoura Hills, CA - April 23rd, 2013 - Finland's ENSIFERUM have spent the past 18 years honing the steel of their folk-infused battle metal auditory attack. Their albums are further bolstered by a live show that has become one of the most entertaining in all of metal. Proof of ENSIFERUM's status as one of the most vital bands in modern metal was made apparent through their headlining slot on this year's Paganfest USA tour. To further spread the band's music to a worldwide audience, ENSIFERUM has forged a deal with Metal Blade Records! The band inked the deal with Metal Blade CEO Brian Slagel during the Paganfest USA tour, and all parties are enthusiastic about new music and new possibilities.

Bassist/backing vocalist Sami Hinkka comments: "We are really looking forward to our co-operation with such a great and legendary label as Metal Blade. The next full length album should be out in early 2015. We have already started working with the new songs and it's obvious that the next album will be another step ahead for Ensiferum. And now that we have united forces with mighty Metal Blade nothing can stop us! The next album is going to be something that will rock the very foundations of folk metal genre.

"We also would like to thank Spinefarm Records for all these 13 years, it's been as blast but now it is time for us to move on and head bravely towards new challenges.

The future looks bright for Sword Bearers!"