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Détails et extraits du prochain ABIGOR enfin disponibles

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Les Autrichiens d'Abigor (Black Metal) viennent de publier un communiqué à propos de leur prochain album, qui annonce notamment que l'album sera réalisé "à l'ancienne", sans guitares désaccordées, sans pistes de guitares superposées, sans blast beats à foison.

L'album sera concentré sur le thème du diable, dans l'idée de restituer la "simplicité" du Black Metal des années 90. L'intégralité du communiqué est lisible ci-dessous :

"Black Metal may still be excellent, and the pool of „occult“ or post-DSO bands is huge. But where´s the pounding greatness of Natten´s Madrigal, Apokalypsens Ängel, Det Som Engang Var or the Strid 7“ today?
Not that we would or could fill this gap, but in Abigor´s very own stubborn way and with the old-school execution of mentioned masterpieces, our new album was recorded without a single „blastbeat“, without multi-guitar madness or downtuned disharmonic riffing.
String wise, minimalism was the law - only one guitar left, one guitar right, and a bass in the middle. Not one single additional guitar-track to add soli, melodies or double-tracks.
Lyrically, all hokuspokus and theological pondering was avoided. It´s not an album of a seeker, or about one´s initiation, or to lecture, but about the Devil and the Devil only! An impulsive work stripped down to the very basics that maybe could have been released in the 1990s.

This technical restriction as well as a focus on the the evil force that sparked Black Metal ablaze at the beginning of the 90s also torched our work again.

Silenius is soon starting to record the vocals, and you can expect the new Abigor LP and CD after the summer makes way for the autumn´s gloom."


01. All Hail Darkness And Evil
02. Sword Of Silence
03. Black Icarus
04. The Cold Breath Of Satan
05. Our Lord´s Arrival - Black Death Sathanas
06. None Before Him
07. Olden Days
08. Hymn To The Flaming Void
09. Christ´s Descent Into Hell
10. Ancient Fog Of Evil
11. Metamorphosis


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BLASPHAMAGOATACHRIST le nouveau projet des membres de GOATPENIS et BLASPHEMY dévoile deux premiers extraits

Le 1er juillet sortira le premier album de Blasphamagoatachrist (War Metal - International) BlackMetal Warfare chez Nuclear War Now!
Le groupe se compose de Black Winds (Blasphemy) au chant, Sabbaoth (Goatpenis) à la basse, Virrugus Apocalli (Goatpenis) à la guitare et de T. Antichrist à la batterie.

01. Ze Blasphamagoatachrist Machine
02. Tyrannic Empire
03. Blasphamagoatachrist
04. Black Metal Warfare
05. Fire Demons of Blokula
06. The Final Blood Orgy
07. Ravens Soaring Over Ross Bay

Voici les deux premiers extraits, 'Ze Blasphamagoatachrist Machine' et 'Tyrannic Empire':
Black Metal Warfare by Blasphamagoatachrist

Du nouveau pour SHINING

La formation suédoise Shining (Black Metal) va sortir un nouvel album contenant un ensemble de d'anciens titres peux connus. Intitulé Oppression, cette sortie va paraître en septembre prochain chez le nouveau label Black Metal label Colourless Art aux formats vinyle et digipack.
Niklas Kvarforth déclare à propos de cette sortie :
“For too long, some of my work has been in limbo due to idiotic decisions and the worthless people that  proliferate throughout the music industry.  And this needs to end here and now.  We want our jewels of perdition and the attendant horrific sound to reach all of those who, without SHINING’s merchandising arm, Legions, cannot get their hands on these without being fobbed off with soulless products of inferior quality, that some outsider has had the nerve to spread without a single thought for our artistic vision”.
L'occasion également pour Niklas de faire un point sur l'emploi du temps du groupe et de lui-même :
“there is a lot happening right n…

Nouvel album à venir et extrait pour NINE INCH NAILS

Nine Inch Nails (Indus - USA) sortira son nouvel opus le 22 juin prochain et il s'intitule Bad Witch.
Découvrez sans plus attendre le nouvel extrait 'God Break Down The Door':