11 mars 2017

Une compilation dédiée à MY DYING BRIDE

Le site spécialisé Doom-metal.com vient de sortir une compilation de reprises de My Dying Bride. Celle-ci est disponible au format double-CD digipack, édition limitée à 500 exemplaires.

"We set out to make an album that would do justice to one of the most influential of all Doom bands, not by sticking within the Gothic/Death/Doom boundaries that My Dying Bride defined and made their own, but by inviting those from further afield in the Doom genres who found MDB just as vital in shaping their own paths. And we asked them to create their own versions of a song that would both demonstrate the influence and portray their own individual style, to show just how far the long shadow has been cast. This is the result."

Il est possible d'écouter cette compil' sur Bandcamp :

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