14 mars 2017

Streaming intégral du nouveau CELESTIAL BODIES

Celestial Bodies (Experimental Black Metal/Noise) proposent l'écoute intégrale de leur premier album, "Spit Forth From Chaos", qui comme vous allez l'entendre porte très bien son nom.

La sortie est prévue le 17 mars chez I, Voidhanger Records !

"A duo based in The Netherlands and comprised of members from Nihill and Dead Neanderthals, CELESTIAL BODIES are exactly the fruit of their unholy union. From Nihill they inherited the pitch-black and noise-drenched sound, as well as a conceptual approach with deep roots in gnosticism and occultism, while from Dead Neanderthals they borrowed the avant-garde sensibility and the free-jazz nature built on improvisation."

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