Sortie et streaming intégral du nouveau PALEOWOLF

Le projet de Tribal / Dark Ambient préhistorique, Paleowolf vient de dévoiler son nouvel opus, Paleoshaman. Il est composé d'un unique titre de plus d'une heure et vingt minutes, découvrez le ci-dessous en intégralité.

L'artiste serbe explique le concept de cet album de méditation shamanique et animiste : ""Paleoshaman" is a special piece of work created from the medtitation upon the Prehistoric, ancestral era, and is meant to serve for meditation purposes. First and foremost, this is dedicated to the paleocultures of Lepenski Vir and Vinca, that once proudly stood on the lands I myself come from. The ancient religion of Animism - that all Nature is alive and conscious, coupled with the notion of the Divine force that engeneenired the laws, is coming to one. The carvings in the stone reveal the mysteries of the past and of the Universe itself. The knowledge is lost in writing, but the archetypes remain in our subconscious. Are we able to fully comprehend them?"