Sortie et streaming de la démo de MARA’A BORKAN (مراة بركان)

Le collectif A World Divided originaire de Québec et de Tunisie vient de sortir la démo de MARA’A BORKAN (مراة بركان) au format K7. Ce groupe de Raw Punk aux influences Metal et au nom signifiant "Volcano Woman" est composé de plusieurs membres féminins et lutte contre le radicalisme et la politique.

Voici la communication qui accompagne la Démo : "Fortunately, this review does not have to emphasize the political relevance of the previous sentence, since A) I am fucking dumb regarding world politics, and B) MARA’A BORKAN’s music is just as interesting as probably their background story is. The sort of low-key, rudimentary metal punk, paired with determined, loud, yet trying to be melodic singing is just as a weird mix as it was to hear G.I.S.M. for the first time. The stripped-down, raw radicalism of the music reminds me of FIRMEZA 10 and how they interpreted the core idea of D-beat; here MARA’A BORKAN, no idea what to try to reference, but it’s loud, visceral and entertaining. The vocals tend to employ melody bends, familiar from ’00s bro-core, that here, out of context, are one of the most memorable vocals I have recently heard. The band builds their sound from a few elements, still they are able to make it dense, the rawness of the minimalism resounds in each song. The glue between the instruments is the devotion that shines through the demo. MARA’A BORKAN comes from an uneasy place to play punk and to be a woman that is translated to their music. Reintroducing the power of this subculture. "

Découvrez là ci-dessous en streaming intégral.

Tracklist :

01. شنوة عملت؟ 02:40
02. شنوة كنت تتصور؟ 02:48