Sortie et streaming intégral de deux nouveaux albums de KALMANKANTAJA

Le duo finlandais de Black Metal Atmosphérique aux influences Depressive Kalmankantaja à sortie deux albums sur la nostalgie. Ces deux chapitres s'intitules Nostalgia I: Bones And Dust et Nostalgia II: My Kingdom, découvrez les en streaming intégral ci-dessous.

Les deux artworks sont signés Hellish Razor.

Tracklists :

Nostalgia I: Bones And Dust :

01. Bones And Dust pt.1 - 10:16
02. Bones And Dust pt.2 - 12:01
03. Bones And Dust pt.3 - 10:00
04. From The Night - 08:16

Nostalgia II: My Kingdom :

01. No God, No Love - 09:52
02. Soulless - 09:39
03. My Kingdom pt.1 - 09:28
04. My Kingdom pt.2 - 10:20

"This is the first part of the Nostalgia series, songs that do not follow the usual sound of Kalmankantaja, but rather emulate some of my early influences and favorite albums. I don’t claim to be original, nor would I want it. These recordings are my tribute to the music that inspired me years ago, and continue to do so."

"This is the second gathering of songs to celebrate the musical influences which ultimately lead me on to create Kalmankantaja. The Nostalgia series only exists to worship the old darkness."