Détails et extrait du projet solo de C. WIJERS claviériste de CARACH ANGREN

Clemens Wijers (aka Ardek) claviériste du groupe de Black Metal Symphonique, Carach Angren vient de dévoiler le premier morceau de son projet solo. Il s'intitule "Parasite Twin" et une magnifique lyric-video réalisée par Costin Chioreanu se visionne ci-dessous avec l'artwork et le détail de l'EP du même nom.

Le musicien a composé cet EP comme une exploration Industrielle avec un approche symphonique et classique : ""Parasite Twin" is an experimental exploration of darker, industrial grounds expanding the creative boundaries of Wijers usual more symphonic and classical approach.

With lyrical themes varying from the futuristic and massive "Machine", in which the protagonist reflects and confesses the systematic and gradual decimation of his victims, to the title track, in which parasitical twins drag you into their world in a bizarre and darkly humorous way.
"Nightmare" and "Fucked Up" are the most abstract and intuitive tracks. Wijers wrote the lyrics in a stream of consciousness and kept them unedited and pure.
"Closing In" reveals the inner world of a stalker, an idea that came to Wijers after a past experience."

Tracklist :

01. Machine (Memoirs of an Algorithm)
02. Parasite Twin
03. Nightmare
04. Fucked Up
05. Closing In