ULTHA nous dévoile les détails et un premier extrait de son futur album

Ultha (Black Metal - Allemagne) sortira le 5 octobre son nouvel album The Inextricable Wandering chez Century Media Records.

L'album a été enregistré au Goblin Sound Studio et masterisé au Monoposto Mastering.

Voilà ce que déclare le chanteur/guitariste d'Ultha au sujet de ce premier extrait:

" 'The Avarist (Eyes Of A Tragedy)' is the opening track of our third full-length The Inextricable Wandering. With its close to 15minutes running time it is the
second longest song on the album and probably the one I’m most fond of, at the same time being the most painful to me. It was the first song we wrote for the album and also the one that took the longest to balance. It consists of two almost equally long, slower parts in the beginng and end, as well as a very long fast part in the middle. As with Bosch’s famous triptychon works, to us some of painted arts most incredible works, it deals with a way to/through hell, thus not in a religious sense. 'The Avarist (Eyes Of A Tragedy)' is a good representative of what we tried to combine on this record: mixing low end doom heaviness, black metal’s frenzy, the melody work of dark wave/post punk brought together by an open, authentic and heavy sound, close to what we sound like live."


01. The Avarist (Eyes of a Tragedy)
02. With Knives to the Throat and Hell in Your Heart
03. There Is No Love, High Up in the Gallows
04. Cyanide Lips
05. We Only Speak in Darkness
06. I'm Afraid to Follow You There

Découvrez ce premier extrait ici: