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TENGGER CAVALRY : C'est la fin...

Mauvaise nouvelle pour les fans de la formation chinoise Tengger Cavalry (Melodic Death/Folk Metal), Nature Ganganbaigal leader du groupe vient d'annoncer son split après la sorti d'un ultime album Cian Bi ce mois-ci...

Nature Ganganbaigal, explique dans son communiqué (lisible ci-dessous) que cette décision est due aux récents démêlé judiciaires du leader suite à une arnaque qui lui a retiré les droits de sa musique.

Voici le communiqué officiel :

"Within all these eight years, I have nothing but gratefulness to all your support.

However, after consideration, I decide that Tengger Cavalry is officially dismissed.

Yes, we are receiving good reviews, having fans and family to love us; getting the best support from Napalm Records. But what has been done to us in heart cannot be changed.


In a society forged by law, successfully winning the legal sabotage from an industry scumbag like Marco Barbieri, who claimed to formerly worked for Century Media Records and Metal Blade Records, who gave us a contract to claim all our publishing rights since 2010, maybe is a win.

In a society forged by business, successfully terminating a toxic relationship with Dawn M Robinson, who claimed to worked for Lady Gaga and Slash, who teamed up with this toxic label person and manipulated us to sign this fraud contract with Marco to give up everything, maybe is a good business.

Yet for an artist, these are the biggest lose. For you have entrusted your heart and soul to these people, only to get them butcher you.


For an Asian immigrant, you cannot fight back, for the "civilized" western ppl will point fingers at you and say: "look, he does not understand our culture", "He is too hard to work with" etc.

I wanted to share my musical and nomadic culture experience with the world, yet the outcome somehow only comes back in a darker form.

I love you all and thank you all for your support for all these years."


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