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NAPALM DEATH de retour avec une double compilation

Napalm Death (Grindcore culte - Angleterre) sortira une nouvelle compilation intitulée Coded Smears and More Uncommon Slurs chez Century Media le 30 mars prochain  au format double CD.

Elle comprendra des raretés et des exclusivités recouvrant la période 2004-2016. Découvrez l'extrait 'Oh So Pseudo' ci-dessous.

Shane Embury:

"We are very thrilled to be finally releasing this compilation of rarities and covers from the past 10 years.
"NAPALM DEATH is a band that gives 100 percent when writing a song, so the songs included on this comp were saved originally for split EPs, now sold out, or vinyl editions of our albums or to become Japanese bonus tracks.
"When I was compiling the track listing, I was struck by how exciting again these tunes are to me. I had actually forgotten some of them, haha! We have written so many tracks and the years go by so quick that you forget just how fucking great these songs are! We will most certainly be blasting a few of these out live on our upcoming shows… Cheers and see you on the road!"


Disc 1
01.     Standardization   
02.     Oh so Pseudo
03.     It Failed to Explode
04.     Losers
05.     Call That An Option?
06.     Caste as Waste
07.     We Hunt in Packs
08.     Oxygen of Duplicity
09.     Paracide (Gepøpel cover)
10.     Critical Gluttonous Mass
11.     Aim Without An Aim
12.     An Extract (Strip It Clean)
13.     Phonetics for the Stupefied
14.     Suppressed Hunger
15.     To Go off and Things (Cardiacs Cover)

Disc 2
01.     Clouds of Cancer / Victims of Ignorance
02.     What Is Past Is Prologue
03.     Like Piss to a Sting
04.     Where the Barren Is Fertile
05.     Crash the Pose (Gauze cover)
06.     Earthwire
07.     Will by Mouth
08.     Everything in Mono
09.     Omnipresent Knife in Your Back
10.     Lifeline (Sacrilege cover)
11.     Youth Offender
12.     No Impediment to Triumph (Bhopal)
13.     Legacy Was Yesterday
14.     Outconditioned (Despair cover)
15.     Atheist Runt


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Streaming intégral du nouvel album de CRAFT

Les suédois de Craft (Black Metal) viennent de mettre en ligne l'intégralité de leur nouvel album White Noise And Black Metal. Ce dernier sortira le 22 juin prochain via Season Of Mist, aux formats CD, LP et K7.
L'Artwork a été créé par Zbyszek Bielak.

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Leur premier album, The Infinite Mirror Of Millennial Narcissism sortira le 24 août prochain via Extrinsic Recordings. Découvrez ci-dessous un premier extrait avec le titre, 'Brutality Alchemist'.
Tracklist :
01. When The Heart is Violated (The Universe Remembers) 02. Brutality Alchemist 03. Genesis Misconception 04. The Virus is Within us All 05. As He Creates So He Destroys 06. Penetrate the Descent 07. The Death of Dreams 08. Poisoning Purity 09. Negativity Plague 10. Corruption Feeds Deception 11. Tiyanak 12. How Barren is Life Without Sin
The Infinite Mirror Of Millennial Narcissism by Born to Murder the World


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