18 février 2018

Date de sortie, tracklist et informations du nouvel album de PANOPTICON

Après avoir annoncé la sortie du successeur de Autumn Eternal sorti en 2015, le one-man band américain de Cascadian Black Metal Panopticon dévoile quelques informations sur ce septième album.

Ce nouvel album intitulé The Scars Of Man On The Once Nameless Wilderness I And II sortira le 6 avril prochain via Bindrune Recordings et Nordvis Produktion.
Ce double-album sortira aux formats CD, et LP, en édition double contenant les deux chapitres (éditions limitée toutefois) ou individuelle. Les deux albums étant radicalement différent mais formant néanmoins un tout.

Voici le communiqué du groupe à ce sujet :

"The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness” is a two part album that musically explores the two separate musical sides of Panopticon. Part 1 harkens back to melodic Black and Death Metal influences and part 2 focuses entirely on Americana, Folk and Country music from North America.

The lyrical concept of the album deals with two sides of the same coin: the effects of our natural environment on quality of life and mental health and the effects of urban life and industry on our quality of life and mental health. The album is largely inspired by some of Sigurd Olson’s writing and also inspired by the struggle to preserve Minnesota’s northwoods.

Part 1 of the 2 part album is entirely focused on exploring melodic, aggressive and atmospheric metal with lyrics about time spent in nature, questions and fears about the consequences of environmental destruction and seeking inspiration in the woods.

Part 2 takes a more somber, lonesome tone, lyrically focusing on the consequences of urban life, industry, global warming and environmental detriment. Part 2 is absolutely NOT a metal record and those who are disinterested in folk, americana and country music might not favor it.

Clocking in at about 2 hours, this collection is intended to be heard as a body of work, but as always thats up to the listener to decide."


Disc 1:

01. Watch The Lights Fade
02. En Hvit Ravns Død
03. Blåtimen
04. Sheep In Wolves Clothing
05. A Ridge Where The Tall Pines Once Stood
06. En Generell Avsky
07. The Singing Wilderness
08. Snow Burdened Branches

Disc 2:

01. The Moss Beneath The Snow
02. The Wandering Ghost
03. Four Walls Of Bone
04. A Cross Abandoned
05. Beast Rider
06. Not Much Will Change When I'm Gone
07. Echoes In The Snow
08. The Itch
09. At The Foot Of The Mountain
10. The Devil Walked The Woods

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