5 décembre 2017

Détails et extrait du premier VARGRAV

Le projet finlandais de Black Metal atmosphérique et old-school, Vargrav sortira son premier album Netherstorm via Werewolf Records. Il sera disponible le 26 janvier prochain en format CD et LP. Découvrez ci-dessous un premier extrait avec le titre, 'Shadowed Secrets Unmasked'.

Avis aux adeptes des anciens Obtained Enslavement, Dimmu Borgir, Abigor ou encore Limbonic Art : "That album, now bearing the ominous and apt title of Netherstorm, is a blizzard-blown blast from the ancient past. "Symphonic black metal" may be a dirty word to some still, but back in simpler, more idealistic times, that appellation bore delicious fruit, and many long-cherished classics of the black metal canon have upheld that banner; more specifically, once upon a time, it was simply BLACK METAL. VARGRAV bear witness to this fact, and create a swarming, densely layered maelstrom of medieval majesty and moonlit madness. Tangibly physical without sacrificing the finer nuances of synth layering, Netherstorm sweeps grandly across a cobwebbed landscape, distant ruins becoming the very listener's landscape"

Tracklist :

01. Netherstorm
02. Shadowed Secrets Unmasked
03. Limbo of Abysmal Void
04. Ethereal Visions of a Monumental Cataclysm
05. Obidient Intolerant Ensnared
06. Outro

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