12 octobre 2017

Sortie et streaming intégral du nouveau GOD

Les barbares roumains de GOD (Pagan / Folk Metal) viennent de dévoiler leur nouvelle ode païenne et naturelle. Cette dernière s'intitule Sufletul Neamului et se découvre ci-dessous dans son intégralité.

"The main theme of the album is the special bond between man and nature with all that it represents. It's about the deep forests and their fascinating wild life. The martial spirituality of the Dacian warriors is visible in their culture, referring to predators such as bears, wolves, eagles and unveil their belief that they can absorb the ferocity, their quickness and sharpness, being able to identify with the animal. This cultural symbiosis has entered so deeply into their mindset that the people in those ancient times were called "Dacians", which in their native language meant "wolves".

Another spiritual dimension of "the people of the wolves" was the special relationship with their great mountains and endless forests. The Dacians lived inseparable from their surroundings. The mountains and the forests protected them with the darkness which frightened all those legions of The Roman Empire. From this habitat they used to descend during the winter, clad in furs with their banner of a wolf's head and body of the snake, shouting howls of battle. "The woods brethren the man", an old saying of our people, is one of those strong bonds that existed throughout our stormy history. It was the refuge and home from those who have attempted at its being and freedom!

We sing of the Moldavian Spirit!"

Tracklist :

01. Cânt De Haiduc - 08:38
02. Strămoșii - 05:51
03. Glia Mumă - 08:03
04. Frunzulița Dorului - 06:32
05. Licoarea Zeilor - 05:01

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