17 octobre 2017

Le premier album de MYSTAGOS vient d'être dévoilé en streaming

Précédemment connu sous le nom Chains ov Beleth, le projet est devenu Mystagos (Black Metal - Espagne) et vient de sortir le 12 octobre son premier album intitulé Ho Anthropos Tes Anomias sur le label Clandestine Faith.

Included with the release is an envelope marked in gold foil with the symbol of the Hierarchy Of Death under Clandestine Faith, within an inverted extension of a Zoroastrian prayer recited, then marked in gold under a personal talisman of Heolstors personal workings. Each talisman anointed with a holy oil which is collected seeping outside the grave of a mountain monk in a specific monastery of southern Europe. This very oil is used in rites of spiritual detoxification and remains a rare prestigious sacrament.”


01. Part I - The Mystagogue
02. Part II - The Baptist
03. Part III - A Drop To Quench The Thirst
04. Part IV - We Are The Theotokos
05. Interlude
06. Part V - Trial Of Flesh
07. Part VI - March Of Mesu Betesh
08. Part VII - A Path Through The Silence Of The Soul
09. Part VIII - Man Of Lawlessness
10. Part IX - Rise Of The Hierophant

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