7 août 2017

AFFLIKTOR, détails et extrait du nouveau projet de TOBY KNAPP

Le guitariste américain, Toby Knapp (Forced Religion, Sue's Idol, Waxen, ex-Darken etc...) vient d'annoncer le premier album de son nouveau projet Black / Thrash Metal, Affliktor. Cet album éponyme paraîtra le 20 Octobre prochain via Transcending Obscurity Records en format Box CD et CD.

Découvrez ci-dessous un premier extrait avec le morceau 'Chaos Magick Totality'. Voici ce que nous en dit le label :

"Guitar legend Toby Knapp who has been involved in the creation of extreme metal music since the early 90s is here with his new band AFFLIKTOR. Playing scintillating black/thrash metal with wicked licks and seamless solos, Toby explores the genre and revitalizes it with his fresh outlook. It's uncommon to see mind-bending guitar playing while staying true to the raw and underground aesthetic of the style. The majestic artworks made by Mark Riddick only portray the dark and ambitious nature of AFFLIKTOR. The vision behind the band is unheralded in all its experimental, convoluted glory. Black/thrash metal never sounded this exciting."

Tracklist :

01. Storms of Demogorgon
02. Born To The Breeder
03. Backwards Into Hell
04. Chaos Magick Totality
05. Burn The Earth
06. The Singularity
07. Planet Rogue
08. Nothing Shall Arise
09. Pazuzu Invoked

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