6 juin 2017

Détails pour le prochain album de PARADISE LOST

Le légendaire groupe britannique de Death/Doom/Gothic Metal Paradise Lost viens de dévoiler l'artwork et la date de sortie de leur nouvel album, "Medusa".

Celui-ci est prévu pour le premier septembre prochain chez Nuclear Blast Records. 

On vous laisse ci-dessous les commentaires de deux des membres de la formation:

Greg Mackintosh: "Whilst we were writing »Medusa« and realising what the new songs were becoming, we had to find an artist to reflect this direction. After searching around for a while, I found Branca Studios. They have a keen eye for design and their modern take on retro artwork really fit the bill. What they have come up with is a blending of colourful yet retro styling, whilst maintaining the classic PARADISE LOST feel."

Nick Holmes: "I was intrigued about a greater meaning and thinking more along the lines of what Medusa represents metaphorically. Medusa as a title works in many ways. From a nihilist perspective, when I read the description of 'medusa' on the wikipedia page: 'Attempts to avoid looking into Medusa's eyes represents avoiding the ostensibly depressing reality that the universe is meaningless' - the title was pretty much in the bag!"

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