22 mai 2017

Détails et extrait du nouveau TEMPLE OF VOID

Temple of Void (Doom/Death - US) sortira son deuxième long format intitulé "Lords of Death", le 28 juillet prochain chez Shadow Kingdom Records, aux formats CD et K7.

La pochette est une oeuvre de Paolo Girardi.


01. The Charnel Unearthing
02. Wretched Banquet
03. A Watery Internment
04. The Hidden Fiend
05. An Ominous Journey
06. The Gift
07. Graven Desires
08. Deceiver in the Shadows

"An uncompromising record from the band that made one of the very best, if not THE best death/doom debut in last five years or so. Weighty death metal groove and suffocating, gloomy atmosphere in just the right mix together. Album-of-the-year material!" – Markus Makkonen (Hooded Menace / Sadistik Forest)

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