3 mars 2017

Sortie et streaming intégral du premier album de DUNE MESSIAH

"The Iron Oak", c'est le nom du premier opus du groupe de Neofolk danois, Dune Messiah. Celui-ci sort aujourd'hui aux formats numérique et vinyle via Third Coming Records, Instruments Of Discipline, et Premium Abundance.

"On “The Iron Oak” oil barrels, drum machines and synthesizers are being orchestrated along with acoustic guitar, piano and whistles, all awhile stripped and merciless lyrics attack the listener in an absolute necessity. American folk and country is being mixed with 80’s punk and noise in which manic distortion and ominous synths interrupt acoustic passages."


01. Alive
02. What You've Become
03. This Far
04. In My Arms
05. Featherless Creature
06. Our Little Game
07. We Vanish
08. At The Borders of Malice
09. Buried in the Sand
10. The Fall
11. The Joys of Spring

Voici l'album en écoute complète :

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